Ray Tomlinson RIP, glyph creator who changed our world

Ray sent, in 1971, a message from one computer to another using ARPANET.

“Music is the most profound, magical form of communication there is,” Lesley Garrett.

As generalisations go, she may be right and she may be wrong. I know way too little about opera specifically, and music generally, to comment.

To pic or not to pic, that is the question

Chatting to a recruiter today, I said that I felt that a LinkedIn profile without a pic of the person concerned was dodgy.

Ah I see; NOW I get it

Social media is not a development that I have grasped with enthusiasm.

I am confused; are eu?

Facts and myths surround the In/Out debate. To find neutral information to inform my own decision-making has proved to be tricky. No longer.

‘How can it be pleasurable, if it’s guilty?’

Is how Justice Antonin Scalia of the US Supreme Court responded when asked if he had any guilty pleasures.

Katie Hopkins says something clever. And risk-free.

A particular horror that appends democracy and free speech is the right for folk who live in this country to stand up and say what they want.

Everyone must now apologise. Immediately. For everything.

When history and free speech - the bedrock of all communication, are in fact under attack - we should ask ourselves if we have reached the edges of Hell.

Let’s hear it for Vladimir Kabaldiz – and vodka

Vladimir Kabaldiz, Manager of the Lenin Tractor Works in Minsk, sent a decisive note to his superiors in Moscow.

Why did I cause the financial crisis? Because I could…

Just before the world imploded, before Dick Fuld lived up to his first name and we learned that Iceland is a strange and unusual place, HSBC telephoned me.

When deviations become normal, people can die

We mostly take flying for granted. For those who travel often and regularly, the entire experience tends to be moderately unpleasant.

It’s a piece of parchment; not a key to the C-Suite

A long-term hero of mine is a (presently dead) Oxford academic called Benjamin Jowett, one-time Master of Balliol College.

No actual evidence? It’s probably a conspiracy

People who sent letters to newspapers were once regarded as reasonably accurate barometers of public opinion.

Companies and corporations are not human

What’s the best way to communicate to existing customers that you are moving from a Pret a Manger model to a Little Chef model?

So, Sepp, Seb & co, how was 2015?

This is a busy week and we’re all under pressure, so I’ll keep it short. I have learned three important things this year...

Private: Surgeons, sculptors and sounds

Having spent your first thirty years eating, drinking and possibly smoking, odds are that you will need to visit a cardiologist by the second thirty.