Cleared for take off

A fast jet, screaming across the sky, delivers a unique visceral thrill. The noise the lethal machine makes as it devours the air through which it flies.

Hold your fire

There have been occasions in our history when we were faced, individually as well as collectively, with difficult circumstances.

Read in haste; repent…

An international island; Its roots, tentacles and influence trail all over and the history of its trade and diplomatic missions is generally one of success.

Hope, not hate. Always.

This has been a bleak few days. Whether we knew her or not, sadly I did not, we must remember Jo Cox.

What do you mean?

When communication matters – really matters – it has to be crystal clear on two levels: meaning and intent.

Porkies and pies

Scientists use variations of working language and terminology which, to the uninitiated, cause confusion.

Death by acronym & other incomprehensible prose

If you are keen to sow confusion among your enemies and allies alike, best to interact by acronym.

Much smoke; can’t see the mirrors

My name is John Blauth and I am a smoker. It is 26 years since I smoked a cigarette. Every day I crave Lady Nicotine’s caress and comfort.

Don’t panic. Or mention the war

There is an increasing air of shrill desperation as campaigning builds for the In, Out and possibly shake it all about, event on 23rd June.

Is Google now The Matrix?

Last week Google announced that its latest seduction has resulted in the conquest of an NHS Trust comprising the Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals.

Uh-oh: here comes the c-word…

You’ve just gone through some of the hardest work weeks, built your new site and you're days away from go-live when your web developer suddenly c-bombs you.

Communication, doggy-style

When we want to emphasis how hard life is, we often use a common expression: ‘It’s a dog’s life’. However, it fails to accurately tell the story.

Poo and politics

I have a mate, let’s call him Peter because that’s his name. He repeats the polemic mantra that “… all politicians are corrupt, lazy and greedy…”.

“You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God, the British journalist.” *

At a recent ‘Media meets Business’ event, an industrialist asked a leading editor of a newspaper why his newspaper contained so many errors.

Complicated crime caper confounded; spelling pedants rejoice

As stealthy as sewer rats, a group of unknown criminals hacked their way into the Bangladesh Central Bank.

A robber baron who gives you a cuddle is still a robber baron

“The old robber barons of the Middle Ages who plundered sword in hand were more honest than this new aristocracy of swindling millionaires.”