John Blauth

Everything starts with a script. Everything.

In companies when marketing, press relations, public relations and sales departments go to war, usually about turf, supremacy and power, which they tend to do with monotonous regularity, two failures are an inevitable result. Revenue falls, and customers shop around. Because they can always sense when your attention is inward-looking.

This consultancy, BCO, was established to help fast-moving SMEs avoid the communication mistakes made by so many commercial and industrial leviathans.

In particular it was established to help CEOs, MDs, Department Heads and all managers focus their own, and their teams, attention on sales and profit.

Business is about nothing other than sales; everything else is there to support the generation of revenue. Some might view this as too harsh a view that ignores individuals, groups, relationships and people giving support to each other. It doesn’t.  Without those people working together, the sales function breaks.

BCO is tuned in to, understands, and has experience in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, education and charity sectors.

We bring together the various communication tribes, marketing, press relations, public relations and sales to help them to communicate and collaborate in the revenue-generating process. Everything, from admin to cleaning the company zoo, is an important element in the overall sales function. What we do is help people understand that, and become enthusiastic about it. The statement example we use is that without sales there are no salaries.

And who am I? I am John Blauth. A contented Londoner, I am presently based in the partly verdant suburb that is Surrey because that is where my family says we shall live.

After a series of adventures I became a journalist, writer and editor, with a particular interest in clear communication, both written and spoken.

What some might call an obsessive interest in the practice of etymology and the correct use of English, and others call pedantry, I respond that it is better to be correct in these matters than not.

My aim is to be content and I do my very best not to worry about things which are beyond the power of my will.

I am fond of bagpipes, both at rest and play; enjoy the company of most people, follow not one but two dismally poor football teams and am keen to meet a live Kakapo.

A Kakapo. It walks. It does not fly. Cats, rats, stoats and humans are its mortal enemies.

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