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RVL Aviation
Full suite of communication services & consultancy

RVL Aviation is based at East Midlands Airport. It is a specialist aviation services supplier to a wide variety of customers including the Maritime Coastguard Agency, DHL, Isle-Fly and others. The BCO team is contracted to provide a comprehensive suite of comms services including media releases, staff and customer newsletters and to build and populate a new website. BCO lead John Blauth is a visiting member of the Senior Management Team and consults on all comms matters including the company’s response to Covid and Brexit. During the pandemic, RVL carried cargo for the NHS, other health providers and organisations, and kept flying even when others had to cease operations. Among other initiatives BCO launched RVL Group’s Sector Digest, a focussed newsletter for all operators and brokers in the wider aviation industry.

Toyota Financial Services Europe
Communication Coaching and English language training

Toyota Financial Services Europe is based in Belgium and is the parent operation for all TFS operations across Europe. BCO was contracted to develop a bespoke English language writing and presentation course for executives from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium, through Business Writing Academy. The pilot course took place in May 2022 and will be extended country-by-country later in the year.

Business Writing Academy
Innovation, creation and on-going communication

Business Writing Academy – BWA is a unique online training/coaching service for companies who know that everything they write must be clearly understood and are aware that it might not be. We devised and developed BWA for all companies and all the individuals who work in them. The course modules offer a simple and comprehensive teaching guide which is followed up by human editors. AI is incapable of writing clearly or editing coherently as anyone who has ever received an automatically generated sales mail knows. Our communication work with BWA extends beyond product development to managing the website development process, including content, and will continue through the UK and international launch phase via LinkedIn, Instagram and direct engagement.

Agile Spray Response
Launch & communication collateral & consultancy

Agile Spray Response – ASR is an exceptional organisation. It works directly with Governments worldwide, relevant agencies and organizations, including maritime, coastguard and environmental and is a vital environment protection capability for coastlines. It partners with in-country airlines to provide a seamless and fully integrated service using its industry leading CONVERT400 system, a state-of-the-art, comprehensively tested, modular RORO aerial spray system. Currently flown in cargo-converted Boeing 737-400 aircraft, the system can be installed to be mission capable in three hours. BCO was contracted by ASR to build a new website from scratch, and provide filming, writing, editing and design expertise, alongside C-Suite consultancy before and leading up to launch. The post-launch phase includes lobbying, event-management as well as B2B and B2GOV communication online, via social media (LinkedIn) and more traditional means.

DCR Digital Control Room
Full suite of communication services & consultancy

DCR Digital Control Room provides customers across the globe in the the pharmaceutical, travel and other sectors with a managed solution for them to remain compliant with continually changing digital regulatory requirements covering user privacy on their websites. DCR works with compliance, marketing and technical teams to provide support in a constantly shifting and changing compliance landscape. DCR’s service covers cookie compliance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR requirements and it offers Content Governance that analyses digital content to meet compliance requirements. BCO’s lead John Blauth heads up the consulting element, which includes directing and managing DCR’s external comms resources, while BCO writers and editors create new content, edit existing material and other comms collateral.

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Business Writing Academy - BWA - is a people-driven training resource for companies and individuals who want to be understood across the whole world.