To help you develop communication strategy & tactics

Enable and support your colleagues to collaborate, and talk effectively to each other and customers.

The service

BCO is a friendly consulting group, for managers who recognise that their communications require development for company growth. Because we are a practical business resource we offer clients an extensive range of capabilities, including coaching.

We are

Lead consultant John Blauth is an experienced strategic planner, master communicator, and content specialist. He has 20 plus years of communication, writing and publishing experience. Our associate consultants are equally skilled specialists across digital, social, design and content. Ongoing professional development, plus training to maintain skills currency, is a key point of difference. Find John Blauth on LinkedIn

Why engage

We will measurably improve how you and your company communicate. The central problem we solve is effective management of technical and specialist suppliers, including designers, writers, editors and web developers. We will help to prevent you from being bamboozled, and protect your precious resources including time which has to be the main benefit we deliver.

How we work

Tell us what you want to achieve. We shall conduct a comprehensive review of your existing communication strategy and process and craft tactical plans to achieve your objectives in the short, medium and longer terms.

Selected case studies

To discover the value we add, the problems we solve, and how we make a difference please click on the Clients tab above to learn what we achieved for them.

Our engagement process

Our engagement process is simple and nimble. We will work with your existing team, or be your team, for three, six or 12 months. We work with clients on an ongoing or one-off basis. At the end of the engagement, together we shall review our work and decide how, or whether, we work together in the future.