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Strategic and tactical communication development

We support and coach in-house teams to collaborate and talk effectively to customers, to prospects and to each other.

About the service

Blauth is a bespoke and friendly boutique consultancy for managers who recognise that their company's communications require development. Because we are a business resource for individuals and organisations which need practical solutions, we offer an extensive range of capabilities. We will help you to plan, create, implement and manage your internal and external communication programmes, in whole or in part.

About us

Lead consultant John Blauth is an experienced strategic planner, master communicator, and content specialist with 20 plus years of in-sector experience. Our associate consultants are equally skilled specialists across digital, social, design and content. Ongoing professional development and training to maintain skills currency is one of our points of difference.

John Blauth

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Why engage

We will measurably improve the way you and your company communicate. Our experience and feedback indicate that the central problem we solve is effective management of technical and specialist suppliers, including designers, writers and web developers. We will prevent you from being bamboozled so that your precious resources, in particular time, are not wasted. The prime benefit we deliver is effective results from your internal and external communication processes.

How we work

When you engage with us our first action will be to conduct a comprehensive review of your existing communication strategy and process. Tactical plans to achieve your objectives in the short, medium and longer terms will be included in the report.

Selected case studies

To discover the value we add, the problems we solve, and how we make a difference please get in touch to learn more about what we achieved for the clients below.

Aston Martin Works

Launch and ongoing communications for a new, factory-owned, retail and restoration operation


Planning, content and production of a branded Engineering Career publication for students


Full ongoing communication programme including website management, digital and print publications

Expert Publishing

Digital and online B2B magazines TheCarExpert, TheVanExpert, TheTruckExpert and CV Engineer


Content and media release research and writing, alongside publicity collateral for CSR projects

Immediate Network

Directing content creation and customer engagement, with creative consulting

Jaguar Land Rover

News and feature writing, including editing and team writing tuition, across corporate and product

Oxford University Italian Association

Newsletter editing, design and publishing with corporate sponsor liaison

RLC Aerospace

Website and communication consulting on UX, with content editing, and consultancy

RVL Group

Complete in-house and external communication programme including digital newsletters and B2B social media

Toyota GB

Media Digest newsletter editing and production on a weekly cycle, plus influence and reach communication

Toyota Motor Europe

Speech and media news release writing and editing for pan-European launch programmes

How we engage

Our engagement process is simple and nimble. We will work with your existing team, or become your team, for three, six or 12 months. We work with clients on an ongoing or one-off basis. At the end of the engagement we shall review our work together.

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