Facts: A sure cure for poor quality content

An “agile branding expert” says in the Guardian’s Media Network section that the new iPhone launch has “fallen flat”, particularly in emerging markets in Asia.

Elsewhere, Statista, the opinion-free fact provider, points out that with over nine million units sold in just three days, Apple’s latest phones have had a better launch than any previous model and have sold out in Asia.


Once upon a time you could rely upon the Guardian for quality content. Its greatest editor, CP Scott said: “Comment is free but facts are sacred.”

So where did this previously respected newspaper get the idea that publishing factually flawed nonsense is a route to success? Perhaps its present crew should glance back at Scott and his keen understanding of news and newspapers. He knew what he was talking about: “A newspaper’s primary task is the gathering of news. At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted.”

High quality content must always rest upon factual accuracy and failure to stick to this rigid and inflexible rule makes you a laughing stock, however agile you are.

The branding geezer who made the claims about Apple asks in his piece: “…could a switch in marketing strategy improve [Apple’s] fate?” As he is the CEO of a marketing agency you might have thought someone at the Guardian could have detected the faint odour of self-serving crap.

This is my blog on my company site and it’s not rocket surgery for you to assume that if you need quality content or brand journalism, I’d like to be your supplier.

I wonder if I could get the Guardian to allow me the space to say just that…

PS. Scott also said about television: “The word is half Latin and half Greek. No good can come of it.” Quite so.