US lawyer seeks clients who have suffered “sudden death”

An ad running in the US asks “If you have suffered a heart attack, sudden death or abnormal heartbeat, contact Davis & Crump …” and goes on to encourage those who have been injured or died whilst using a particular product, to call for cash compensation.

The Dickensian-handled Davis & Crump is seeking participants in a class action against a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

If ever there was evidence that you really do need to edit for syntax errors before you unleash your wise words on the public, this is it.

I visualise a committee of legal eagles (should that be beagles?) reading the script, watching the finished commercial and then patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Not one legal blunder to be seen.

Probably not. But what is the penalty for the cold-blooded murder of English grammar?

Time for a specialist content team I think.