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I’m looking for a sharp brain, attached to a work ethic, with oodles of intelligence, imagination, initiative, integrity and good humour.

No you clown; I’m a happily married man with responsibilities!

It’s a position I want to fill. A sales/business development position to be precise. Which is why I got all excited when I found Commission Crowd online.

It’s a dating site for businesses and independent (aka freelance), commission-based, sales folk. And being excited I signed up, completed the registration and ‘details about your company’ stuff, put out a couple of feeble pings to possible agents and then sat back. As you do.

Some weeks later, having heard nothing, thinking that I had been, at the very least, sold a pup and being irritated as a consequence, I sent a forlorn note to the company on the same lines that one might place a note in a bottle and cast it into the ocean.

My cynicism was unworthy. Yesterday Laura called; she and I had a positive conversation.

Laura engages, she responds and when she thinks something is funny, she laughs. And her laugh isn’t a contrived, social thing – it’s a genuine sound of merriment and delight.

There’s more; Laura devised an action plan because she wants my date experience with Commission Crowd to be productive; ie bring in new business and bring in new business for the agents on her site.

Laura is, in short, an ideal communicator who connected with me. I got what I really wanted: a practical plan for positive engagement; great content, in other words, professionally delivered.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the concourse, have you ever tried to communicate with an individual at Apple? Google? Amazon? Vodafone? BT? Your bank?

What a horrible contrast to the laughing Laura approach.